Is It Illegal To Trap A Venomous Snake?

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Legality of Trapping Venomous Snakes
People assume that, if a snake poses a risk to them, they can trap the snake without any problems. Trapping a venomous snake seems like an obvious and smart choice for your own safety and the safety of others. The concern here is legality. You might assume, logically, it would be fine, but that may not be the case. There are tons of laws concerning the trapping of animals of all kinds. Illegally trapping an animal can net you a large fine. It is a dangerous game to play. You have to know the legalities of the animals you trap before you trap them. You might see it as clearly important, but the law is not always on your side. Know what to do in these situations.

Trapping Venomous Snakes
Before jumping into this, know that laws are not the same throughout the country. Laws change from state to state in regards to animal trapping. Each state has its own laws based on various factors. In your state, there may be laws that restrict or disallow trapping of snakes, whereas a neighboring state may not have such laws. If you are in a state with these laws, you cannot trap snakes. Doing so will lead to a fine if found out, which may be a significant amount of money. The reasoning behind these laws oftentimes comes down to endangered species. Snakes on the endangered species list are illegal to trap in any circumstance. Bringing any harm to them, or creating a risk of harm to them, is illegal. These laws are there to protect them from humans.

Your Only Options
If you know the snake on your property is illegal to trap, your only option is to contact a professional. Professional services exist for this purpose and may help you with the job. There is the option to use exclusion methods, of course, if you are able. Exclusion is still manageable and doable in this situation. As it does not harm the snake, there is no fear of fine. Either option will work, depending on your situation. Remember to be careful when dealing with this, as the snake does pose a risk to you. Depending on your state, it may be illegal to trap a venomous snake. Some of these snakes are on the endangered species list and this law is there to ensure they do not die out. You still have options, though, so do not worry too much. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Houston